About Us

Albert and Tersia Hoffman are the attentive owner/managers of Xanadu Guest Villa – the only 5 star graded Guest House*, since 2004, on Wilderness Beach. It is their absolute pleasure to welcome you to their Guest Villa and they are personally at your service 24/7, assisting wherever they can to help you make the most of your stay.

The Hoffmans built Xanadu Guest Villa from the ground up.  With Albert’s keen eye for detail and artist Tersia’s creative flair, every inch has been designed and built for purpose – as a luxury boutique hotel style guest house.   Its six individually themed double Suites and ample leisure areas are tastefully decorated and adorned with beautiful finds and artworks that create a warm, relaxing atmosphere throughout.

Four of the Suites overlook the beach, with mesmerising views of the ocean, while two enjoy views of the breathtaking Outeniqua mountains.  Sightings of dolphins and whales are not uncommon, and after an active day, the soothing sounds of the ocean are sure to bring serenity and peace. “We had long dreamed of owning a luxury guest house on the Garden Route.  Upon visiting the stunning coastal village of Wilderness, with its exotic appeal, we immediately knew that this place would be our Xanadu, which means ‘a perfect place of magnificence and beauty’.” – Albert Hoffmann, Owner

Safe to relax

While Wilderness is known to be one of the safest holiday destinations in South Africa, Albert has spared no expense in ensuring that guests feel absolutely at ease during their stay at Xanadu Guest Villa.

Mindful of the privacy of guests, the property is secured with electronic surveillance, physical detection and deterrence measures.  Furthermore, there has been no form of crime, of any nature, in the 12 years of operation – making this the safest luxury guest house in Wilderness.

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